Sunday, May 13, 2007

First Post: An Introduction

A short introduction to this blog before it gets going.

I have decided to start a blog on technology and computer as it relates to me. I am hoping to make this blog into a collaborative effort with some friends who are also interested in computers and technology.

I am a young Australian guy. As well as (computer) technology in general I am interested in and have studied multimedia design.

I'm not using this blog specifically for a particular genre of information writing, rather it should be journal of technical-related topics as I use computers. I am in the process of deciding on parts then building a new PC, so I hope to blog about that. I would hope to have some reviews on hardware or software I own or have experienced, as well as casual articles on any topic or thought that I have at the time.

In essence, this blog is part review, part thought/opinion, part news and part miscellaneous articles I feel like writing.

Hope it's useful, feel free to comment or suggest topics.