Saturday, May 22, 2010

11 days

Well, “Retyping” my product key didn’t work. Not that I expected it to.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This little gem popped up tonight. I’m not quite sure how activating the Release Candidate is going to work though.



Oddly, typing in the product key actually worked. (Forgot to take a screenshot though.) Who knows what it achieved though…

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Steam vs Steam

VALVe release a visual update to their content distribution client Steam. I felt like comparing the update and the old version.

  Old Steam 2010 Visual Refresh
Games Screen image image
Tools Screen (as you can see, it has no view options, just a list, which is fine actually). image image
The Store. Sorry, I don’t have the old store – I got the new store in the old client, since it’s really just a web page. image image
The old Mini Mode and the new Small Mode. image image
In the old version, when you right clicked on a game and chose Update News (release history), it would open in a new window. Now it opens in the News tab, but unfortunately switching back to Full Mode in the process. image image
The Chat window. Hasn’t changed much, but it’s neater. image image
  image image



Not much to say about the update really, if Valve played their part well, it was only a UI update (overhaul) and no platform functionality was lost.  Overall, it’s certainly a lot neater, a few issues usability which I should probably report, but, platform aside, it’s a game launcher.