Saturday, June 26, 2010

iPod Touch 3G iOS 4 Install

10:03 – I click Update (after already having downloaded it.)



Here, it does stuff and disconnects it and reconnects it.








It’s now 10:10 AM

iTunes is backing up… ?

10:11 and iPod is restarting. Now it’s at the passcode screen.

iTunes is optimising all my photos again. And Syncing 10:12

10:17, still syncing and optimising. Why does it have to optimise all three thousand four hundred photos again? Did the quality improve? Speaking of which, why, when I updated to iTunes 9.2, did it update some songs on the iPod that I hadn’t played or edited in the meantime anyway?

While that’s still optimising (10:30) I thought I’d look around iTunes:


That’s new, you can transfer data between apps now. That’s the only app I have can so far, because they release an update for iPad as well I think, but I have yet to update the other apps. (Still got around 2,000 photos to go… This is before I can even try out iOS 4…)

Still optimising photos at 10:55.. 11:06 and only ~200 to go. Getting excited… 11:08 and iTunes now has to copy them all over to it.


At 11:17 iTunes finished syncing the photos to the iPod and finished and is OK to disconnect. Now to see.

Initial thoughts:

  • Well, the lockscreen looks the same.
  • Oh, a new Safari and Calculator icon.
  • Oh YAY! It supports the smart classical playlist now!
  • It seems that apps have be updated before they will multitask, I don’t think that any of my apps have been updated and they seem to exit.
  • My photos are fine (not blurry, though I’d hope so after spending an hour optimising them) and all my apps seem to have data still.


Maybe the photos are a bit higher quality?

So far though it seems quite responsive and the upgrade was quite painless. Now I just need to update the apps. What do you think?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Things I’m most looking forward to in iOS 4

Multitasking Support

I know this is one of the main items everyone keeps mentioning, but I look forward to it so I can change apps without loosing where I’m up to, if all I want to do is check something else quickly.  I do hope though that you can change the action to swap to say hold-for-1.5-seconds, as I think it’s too easy to miss the double tap on the home key and exit. (Further reading suggests that apps are never exited, will have to read up on the tent-poles again)

Device editable playlists

You, just might want to alright…. Maybe they’ll fix the Classical auto-gen playlist so it actually works on my iPod Touch….

App Folders

It’s too easy to get too many apps and loose track of which screen they’re on. Apparently, you can put them on the dock too.  Hopefully you can have more than 9 per folder though…(Further reading says 12, but if you have only 9 they don’t arrange logically)


It’s a spellchecker, about time too, even Firefox had one earlier and it’s community developed…

Orientation Lock!

Apparently there’s a button in the new dock to lock the orientation.  Good grief that’ll be good! Looking at photos it insists on rotating has always been a pain.  Apparently the Photo  app now supports landscape orientation which would be good for those albums with long names….

Improved Album Viewer

Apparently, they’ve added track numbers, time display, and art to the album view which I think makes it a better player.  I like how everything seems to fit in to the style.

Others Things

  • Cellular Data: On/Off – I don’t have an iPhone so I don’t know what this does, but turning things on or off is always cool.
  • Web and Wikipedia search from Spotlight – this could be handy actually.
  • Disable Location Services on an app by app basis – again, more control is better.
  • Failed SMS Notification – Wow, I’ve had this on my Nokia for many years now…
  • Birthday calendar – gathers birthdays from your contacts, more appropriate for iPhone though (My Nokia doesn’t actually have this)