Sunday, December 14, 2008

More further

So I got up to where I was supposed to get up to after a couple of attempts of jumping into new portals. More jumping and GLaDOS taunts later I arrive in this area:

escape_010008  Also, note the external hard drives in a nearby office: escape_010009

GLaDOS (I'm starting to hate this psychotic thing) says something along the lines of "If you don't stop now, I will kill you.  You don't even care"

This next bit, getting past the rocket launcher was actually kind of fun.  Until I got stuck at the air duct.  Should be 50 minutes after the previous posting.  Which means approximately 5.5 hours total so far.

Will continue later. 

Oh oh oh, I found this plush toy of the Weighted Companion Cube in the VAVLe store... It looked really nice, except it's USD30! Which makes it $45 Aussie dollars.  It's relatively detailed though.

Edit: I must add: What's really interesting about this section of the game, after all the actual test chambers, is that I have no real idea how long this lasts. To explain, during the test chambers 1-19 I mostly knew how long they each would last.  Generally they were about two - four rooms before you got to the exit elevator.  Some were easier than others, the harder ones having more involved triggers required to active the doors, and/or more involved processes to get to the door.  Importantly though, you knew how many test chambers you had left:  your main goal (finishing the test chambers) could be broken up into much shorter goals: finish this chamber, ok X more to go.

But now that there's still a reasonable amount of game left and no test chambers to indicate the progress, it's much more difficult to tell how far along the player is to finishing/the character is from escaping.  This is a very interesting game design technique, because if you were doing the game in real life (Heaven help you) you actually wouldn't know how far along you are and would be incredibly unnerved. It's interesting because it's in contrast to the beginning of the game, with clear, structured goals.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


So, Test Chamber 18. I won't spoil it for anyone, suffice after a few attempts, I took the turrets ... slower...

testchmb_a_140002 testchmb_a_140003 Wow they expect me to get up there?

Walkthrough time! :P Oh that's it, right... Fall back and swap portals, repeat.


Test Chamber 19.  Actually that was kind of fun.  Spoilers below.  Highlight the text to see.

And then the pysco thing tried to murder me in the fire pit.  And then goes all "I was just pretending about murdering you". Yeah sure you were GlaDOS.  And then there's still lots more game after this, it's very surprising, lots of spray paint from the previous test participants....

At this point (somewhere jumping onto ledges) I've stopped, so will finish later....

And now I'm 1.9 hours further along than last post

I'm thinking with Portals

[brrup brrup, jump fall jump

boing, boing, boing Vaaapoorised...


repeat. several times...

"Target acquired.." "Scanning" "Ouch" "Critical Error"

3.2 hours over a few days...

Then.. Test Chamber 18 came along...

Oh no, timed sequences!


Updates will come...