Saturday, July 18, 2009

Windows 7 RC install

I finally got around to installing the RC after the Beta started shutting down every two hours. So here goes:

As I couldn’t be bothered trying to get my PC to boot from the CD (without changing the priority), I ran setup from within the existing 7 Beta.  Yes, you can do that, you just can’t upgrade in place from the Beta.

 Image265 Image266


The Installer can update itself to download drivers and other things they say.


I don’t know what it actually updated, but it’s a good idea.



A choice of Upgrade or Custom (advanced).


Obviously I can’t choose Upgrade install.  Slightly annoyingly after this screen the installer just exists.



If there is on OS already on the selected partition, the Installer will rename it to windows.old.  It actually dumped the entire contents on the partition prior to install in that folder.  (documents, Windows, Program Files, everything.)  So at least you could still get stuff back if you needed to.  I don’t know if it did this on a boot install though.



During the restarts this screen came on my boot menu: it only gave you 2 seconds to choose, but it was nice you could choose a different OS to boot into or continue with the setup. (Well, I guess you could, I didn’t try)

Image288 Image298


The initial start menu.


And the pretty login screen with flowers.

Overall the install probably took about 30-45 minutes.  Sorry about the image quality I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to take screenshots during install.