Sunday, November 24, 2013

Game Review: Extreme Forklifting

Extreme  Forklifting is Android game for tablets and phones where you can drive a forklift (who'd have thought) in a third person view.

Though  it uses virtual joystick type controls,  I've  found it easier to control with practice than first person shooters. Probably though that's because this game only has speed and direction control.

The steering wheel is on the left side, with the combined gear/throttle and fork control over on the right side.

Obviously it's a slower pace than a first person shooter - there's no time limit, and hey the pallets aren't going to attack!

Unfortunately being a slower paced game doesn't actually help you aim the forklift into strange angles. I'm sure there must be some trick to angling up a forklift, but I don't know it. The game does give you these little direct arrows showing you where your next pallet is or where to deliver the current one.

8-point turn?

I got another one. Somehow.

Argh, I tried the game because I thought it sounded interesting. It's still interesting, and I'd like to keep going with it, maybe I'll learn how to steer it. But, it has no story line or much of a goal. I wonder if driving a forklift would be easier in real life?

The game is free but ad supported (if you have internet access) from the Google Play store