Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Week Without 3G - Day 3

Continuing my experiment still, today wasn't much a problem without 3G (I took notes throughout the day when I had to turn 3G data back on or what I did instead):

Day 3
I was at a coding event today I haven't had to turn on 3G at all to check any timetables or anything. Once though, my friend sent me an MMS so I to turn on the carrier data to receive it. The rest of the day I was busy coding or on Wi-Fi anyway.


Of course, today I drove to the coding event and was on Wi-Fi or busy, so the lack of 3G data never really came up apart from when my phone couldn't download the MMS picture from the carrier's network. (I guess if you're on Wi-Fi, when the MMS comes through, the phone normally just temporarily turns data services back on in the background to receive the MMS.)

Fancy pants cupcake in front of a fire at an outdoor night market!

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