Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Week Without 3G .... And Day 1

I've decided to start an experiment, where I'll attempt to turn off 3G data on my phone (in software) and document the experience - How I felt, if I could resist turning it back on or why (what happened), how does it impact my life?

To help keep things in perspective I'm taking notes throughout the day of what happens when I do or don't use 3G data. I'm allowing myself to use Wi-Fi if available without any restrictions though. So this experiment will only really affect me when out of the house or elsewhere without Wi-Fi.

Following is the story of day 1: (words in italics are from my notes I kept throughout the day, other words I've added in while writing this blog.)

I'm going to try to post a diary like this every day and an unrelated (that I took) picture for fun.

Day 1 25/08/2016
Morning. I'm waiting around the bus stop, and have to think rather than Facebook or Reddit. I had a Google+ thread already open so I could keep reading that. On the bus, I'll have to read some Pocket article. (I ended up reading this cool article on neuroplasticity.)

I was just now reading an article that referenced an Android app, had to remember until I got to WI-FI. I also opened the app Play Store page, which didn't work, but hopefully will open when I retry it.

After I got off the bus, I ran into an acquaintance who needed some directions, so I turned on data again to check the map, but luckily I was able to turn it off again before I got distracted.

In the afternoon I had to re-enable 3G to check the bus time, then of course I got distracted by a Facebook notification and then Facebook generally. 

I ended up playing a bit more of that cool brain game from the earlier article. This is something I might have done anyway of course - played a new game or with a new app.


Today I haven't noticed much of course because of the Wi-Fi inclusion, but it's kind of nice to be able to think or something on the bus, and it does provide a sort of demarcation between home and outside. I haven't noticed the battery life on the phone performing much differently, but then, it's still on Wi-Fi - it maybe different if I was away from data completely.

Aquarium is Melbourne.

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