Sunday, August 28, 2016

A week without 3G - Day 4

Has it been 4 days of this experiment already!? So it has. (My experiment to see how my life is affected without the use of 3G internet on my phone and in what cases I'm forced to turn it back on.) (No notes taken during the day, this time since there was nothing to note down. Of course an unrelated picture for fun too.)

Again, today I was mostly at the coding event again, and again with Wi-Fi or "busy". (I use that term loosely because I didn't really achieve as much as I'd hoped.)

The one time when I needed 3G on my phone was for navigation and Google Voice control in the car, later on in the afternoon. Once I realised I was lost, I turned on data access on the phone so I could use voice directions to get myself unlost.

I didn't end up turning it off again, because once I got to the destination (a science and technology event), I was pretty busy looking around at the event and with friends so it didn't end up being a distraction anyway.


Today, 3G was useful for the navigation and voice control. I had a car GPS but it's hard to use and the Google Maps are much easier to use with intelligent searching. I think offline navigation with Google Maps is possible now, and also with other mapping applications. The voice control is useful while driving though - having said that, with planning just pull over and type out the message or open the navigation app!

Freemantle Maritime Museum in Western Australia.

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