Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A week without 3G - Day 7!

I guess that's a week now! My experiment is nearly over, of course I could continue crux of the matter. Though now I'm pretty used to it so I don't actually think I will. Maybe I'll cut back on this blogs though now at least.

Following is my Note from today (notes from the day in italics, in-place amendments in normal script):

Day 6
On the bus in, I switched to The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, rather than the random Pocket articles on brain studies or motivation or life/relationships. 

I got a Facebook message from a friend via Wi-Fi just before I left the house, which I couldn't reply to. I'd have liked to, but it wasn't necessary because a) it's Facebook chat (IM shouldn't have an importance placed upon immediate replies anyway), and b) they know about this experiment anyway. 

I also wrote these notes. Which unfortunately caused me to stop reading the book. 

On the way back home I read more of the book from this morning, tried to play more of the game from Day 1 and also just thought some more.


Today, I didn't even turn on 3G once! Not even to receive an MMS or look up a map! I'm certainly getting better at choosing bus routes. I do think I'll try to keep 3G off more, and I like that the addiction to socmed has waned now.

To be honest... This whole thing started because I wanted to save power on my phone the night before I started the experiment and then I thought of doing the test, and blogging about it. How about that!

Sunset landing over Brisbane

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